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Low upload speeds - Help me please


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Hi Friends,

I am getting very low upload speeds, I have tweaked many ways by searching google to solve the problem. But no lock. I am never exceeding 50K. Many times it is > 40 and < 50. Please help me.

Port is forward correctly. I am getting green bulb always.

No problems with firewall, I believe (I have tested by disabling firewall).

Tried with unlimited setting.

I am using 1.6.1 on Vista home premium. My ratio is good. going to be screwed up. My ISP is comcast with 1MB. I am using dlink router.

But download is OK, > 160K. Some times (if seeds are many) It reached to 400K as well if seeds are many. Yesterday I have downloaded 1.3G in less than 2 hours.

Please help me.



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