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recommended settings for patched winxp SP2


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hey guys...

hope you guys can help me here :D

i patched my winxp sp2 from to achieve 50 max half open connections... and running on adsl 3mb...

what is the recommended size for the advanced setting max half open now? it was 8 when the limit was 10... so how many should it be for 50? does it matter that i am sharing router with 2 other computers? even though the other 2 don't download... so basically i am the only downloader...

are there any other setting tweaks you guys did (connection settings) to improve the speed with patched max half open connections?

thanks for the help...

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The speed has nothing to do with the half-open connctions AFAIK. I managed to get speeds round 900kB/s with only 8 half-open connections set. If you want to connect to peers waster though, you should change the setting to 45 if you patched tcpip.sys to 50.

The fact that you're sharing the connection doesn't change anything in the half-open connections, but you don't get 3Mbps to your computer of course.

Set the amount of active torrents to 4, Global max connections to 500, Peers per torrent 75. The amount of upload slots doesn't matter very much, you can set it to anything between 10 and 50 I guess. I have both peers per torrent and upload slots set to 100 and I don't notice bad download speeds.

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