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pool corruption caused by utorrent?


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after getting system crashes now for awhile i decided to try and figure out the reason for this so i download windows debugging tools and upon analyzing my dump file i found this

Debugging Details:




PROCESS_NAME: utorrent.exe

FOLLOWUP_NAME: Pool_corruption

IMAGE_NAME: Pool_Corruption


SYMBOL_NAME: nt!ExDeferredFreePool+fd

MODULE_NAME: Pool_Corruption

FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: 0xC5_2_nt!ExDeferredFreePool+fd

BUCKET_ID: 0xC5_2_nt!ExDeferredFreePool+fd

Followup: Pool_corruption


from the microsoft site pool corruption is

These blue screen errors are caused by an application containing a registry handle leak. This leak occurs because an application continuously reopens a registry key but never closes it. After this has happened 65,535 times, the open instance count for this key wraps round to zero making the kernel think that there is no longer any open handles to this key. The next time an instance of the key is closed, the storage used by the kernel to reference the key is deleted.

However, any time subsequent to this that the key is opened or closed, the freed storage is written to again. This causes free pool corruption and eventually the system will crash when this freed storage is referenced in any way.


so how do i fix this to stop my sytem from crashing?

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im not sure what the exact BSoD msg is cause it restarts to quickly but in my event viewer i got this

Error code 000000c5, parameter1 63426343, parameter2 00000002, parameter3 00000001, parameter4 8054b607.

and like 3 seconds after that i get this error msg

TCP/IP has reached the security limit imposed on the number of concurrent TCP connect attempts.

so im guessing utorrent is maxing out my connection

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sorry for posting in such an old thread, but it seems like i've the same problem described in the first post.

System: WinVista Home Premium,

uTorrent v1.7.x, updated to v1.8 (latest release) in hope to fix the problem,

but the system crashes anyway everytime few minutes after starting uTorrent.

On another machine with XP SP2 on it no proplems were noticed, seems to be a vista-prob.

Another possibility: my new firewall (i switched to outpost, since sygate doesn't run under vista) could conflict with uTorrent, but then shouldn't they conflict under XP too?..

However, i don't know what to do now, except not to start utorrent ;-)

Has anyone found a solution for this issue? please post it here then...

And, yes, sorry for my poor english...

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Yes, I already tested Comodo, but it does not matches my demands in security and usability. In short: it throws too much annoying popups to confirm every action, but do not recognize simple port-scanning in some cases.. However, it's not the topic of this thread, i think ))


OK, had a bit freetime now, so reinstalled Outpost and played a bit with settings and rules. Finally just had to disable content filtering and logging of network activity under Settings->Application Rules->utorrent.exe->Options and to modify the default rules under Settings->App. Rules->utorrent.exe->Network Rules by removing the "where direction is.." options for TCP and UDP connections. Works fine now.

Perhaps it will help someone, who has the same problem...

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