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Built-in programming


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I like electronics. I also like programming. :) So, being the geek that i am, i interfaced a 16x2 LCD to my parallel port.

I think it would be kind of cool if utorrent had support for simple programming. This way, one could have it carry out tasks under certain events. I.E. my LCD could display statistics such as upload and download speeds.

Also, this feature would be great for thoes of us who have crappy hardware. My router likes to go down when i am torrenting (linksys), and in order to get it back up and running, all i have to do is reset the router. A programming feature in utorrent would allow me, and others, to set events to take place when download speed = 0kb/s a second. This may include externally reseting the router through some homebrewed hardware.

Of course, the examples i mentioned are only a small "chip" of what could be done. One could setup a simple LED display that could show status, or even build a total control panel that allowed dication of the GUI.

It wouldn't have to be anything too complex. Maybe the ability to assign a few variables, and have some i/o port access (a dll would be required for NT os's).

Just a thought. ;)

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