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i am a newbee


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I am new to all this and was curious it there is some sort of glossary. I am unaware of the terms being used and would like to know what they mean and do.


Seed:what is it and what does it do

peer: this is a little bit more self explanatory but still clueless

on some of the torrent sites i am seeing the word

Leech again have no idea.

If anyone can help i would appreciate it.


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Seed: Someone, like you, who has finished the torrent and is just helping others, like you, download it.

Peer / Leecher: Someone who doesn't have the whole file and is moving data both ways (uploading completed parts to others and downloading incomplete parts from others). Peer can also be used to describe all the people (seeds/leeches) combined, so leecher/peer is really a grey-area description.

There are sites to help explain that... I'm sure someone will come along with a link ;)

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