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uTorrent, VMware & internet lockups


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I am running uTorrent 1.6.1 inside a XP Pro virtual machine on VMware server 1.0.3. I am NATting the internet connection to the VM. I have also opened port 40000 on my router\modem (an Orange Livebox)

This, in the main, works fine and I get good download speeds. HOwever, often after about an hour or so I lose the internet connection for all other services. uTorrent will continue downloading, but it loses all the trackers (the icons go red) and if I attempt to browse using Firefox or IE either from inside the VM or from the host machine, I just get a blank page in Firefox: this is displayed instantly, with no delay and no errors displayed. Its as if uTorrent is blocking all other access to the internet connection. If I close it down (or restart), my connection is restored for my browsers and email. It's not a huge problem, but being a bit of newbie to uTorrent can anyone give me an idea what might be causing it - is a firewall issue (e.g. Windows XP , or the one on my router) or is it something to do with any of the uTorrent settings ? Or is it even a problem with VMware and the NATting ? Any ideas ?


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