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How do I stop downloading and just upload ?


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Select the Files tab, select all the files, right click, and switch the files to "Don't Download."

If the torrent is running, it will take a few minutes as uTorrent will continue to download pieces it has already started. Then downloading will stop but the uploading of the pieces you have will continue.

When you're ready to start downloading again, change the priority back to Normal following the same steps.

The upload speed will reduce in this case, just like it did before. When you stop downloading, you're more like a "seeder." When you were a "leecher," the BitTorrent protocol worked to connect you with the best reciprocating peers (and avoided slow peers). Now that you're a "seeder," there is no Tit-for-Tat testing and slow peers will now be unchoked to see how fast they download. Give it a half hour or so, and it should settle on some of the faster downloaders.

Similarly, when you reduced your download speed before, and the upload speed dropped -- here's what happened. The BitTorrent protocol started searching through your peer list for the best reciprocating peers that could work within these new limits. Eventually, it'll settle on the peers that give and take the best and the upload speed will be faster.

It can take up to 30 seconds per peer item -- so if you have 60 peers, it can take 30 minutes (theoretically -- it never seems to take that long).

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There is an easier way to do this guys!

Scheduler can be put into SEED ONLY mode using shift+click on time spots.

Downloading will continue only to finish up the currently unfinished pieces...which can unfortunately take awhile if they're 4 MB pieces, but at least then you've got a little more to share when it's done.

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I don't have much cap with my internet becuase I'm still a student so money is a bit short.

I can only afford to download and not upload the same amount of data. I only have 1.2gig of cap so if I download 'n file of 600mb my cap is full becuase it uploads the same amouunt of data. Is there anyway that I can prevent this?

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I'm a participant and supplier of data to people like the OP. I completely understand

and don't at all mind his 'leeching' . I'm glad to let my machine run and feed his

need. A time will come when his BW is greater and maybe other poster's will be

so kicked around and down and out in the gutter that they 'shouldn't be using '

torrents either.. but for some of us it's 'OK' to be a leech when situations exist.

If only the people who could pay could play there would be a lot of dead bodies laying

around in the streets. There are people who thrive on the rush they get taking out

dead meat. and they do the judging who's dead. And it's not the op.

He asctually said he wanted to upload to improve his ratios. I think someone

was so excited like a little girl they forgot to read.

grrr. now my post is screwed up. I need to squash something.

Maybe I can salvage it . I'll find something to squash later.

Here's my post:

Forget it. I'mm gonna go hunting.

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