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Window not updating while not active


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So i see :)

It has some effect on the IRC stats (as the script fetchs data from the columns), but its of no concern at all for the client itself.

If it is possible to update the main listview once every few mins or so - WITHOUT it costing in noticable CPU usage - It could help those who asked for a way to display uTorrent stats in IRC.

Again, this is completely a convinence and you could freely ignore it ;)

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Just a followup to the original post, the System Tray tooltip for uTorrent doesn't update, either in active or inactive mode.

Specifically the string:

uTorrent <version> X downloading, X seeding X.XkB/s down, X.XkB/s up

I'm getting 0 for everything, except the version of course (v1.1.3)

Please confirm, feature or bug.

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