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Deleting itself ...


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Hi there!

What the hell's wrong with 1.7 ?? First of all it couldn't auto-update itself, so i had to manually pick up 1.7...

Then it deletes itself when started/clicked (i keep a copy in a folder called Winprg, and it disappears ever fu%&/ time i click it [OR click it's Shortcut that i have in the Start-menu]), and it never starts downloading anything, most entrys turns red ...

I'm back to very very VERY stable 1.6.1. again!

(And I'm on XP, not Vista)

[ And NO - I've done nutting wrong, everything else works, --- and -- AS i said !!! --- the 1.6.1 uTorrent works PERFECT, so WHAT is fucked up in this new one ?? )

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This self-destruct install behavior totally bothered me, too, because no other software that I have considers "install" synonymous with "move". It's always a "copy" operation.

And it's very annoying: I keep all my installers in a special directory, so I can easily install things on the various computers I use, without having to spend half my life downloading.

Please change the dialog to make it clear what it does and what effect the options have.

(BTW, the fact that it assumes I want the program installed in "Program Files" is annoying, too. In fact, I never install anything there voluntarily, because that helps me detect spyware.)

Thanks for your consideration.

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