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Extremely slow download


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Ive been downloading p90x and its a pretty big download so its taking for ever. But it wouldnt be that bad if the speed was so low. Ive tried everything but nothing will work. Its going 10kb-20kb per second. Earlier today for about 5 minutes though it was going 500kb-600kb per second. Its at 31 percent and has been downloading for a week and still has a ways to go. Please help me what should I do?

adding something...

Also earlier today I had 40kb-50kb for a long time. And at one point my uploading speed was at 998.2kb per second. and my downloading was 1kb per second.

oh and another thing...

How do I enable legacy connection?

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I am unsure I've ever heard of an ISP that provides nearly 1 MB/sec upload speeds. Certainly not Road Runner as far as I recall unless they recently started offering fiber to the home.

Please tell us your ISP's rated speed limits and current µTorrent settings (as shown by Speed Guide). Even Speed Guide's settings are often too much for marginal networking hardware and software even when the internet connection is technically capable of handling the load without problems.

Are you reaching and sustaining the upload speed you set in µTorrent on torrents with many peers?

Is web surfing slowed while you're experiencing extremely slow download speeds?

Have you tried Ultima's slow speed FAQ?:


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You seem to be confusing connection speeds (in kilobits/sec) with download+upload speeds (in KiloBYTES/sec), also you seem to be thinking your connection's max upload speed is equal to its max download speed. It isn't -- it's probably only 1/4 to 1/20th as fast!

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