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Cant forward port. Netgear WGT624 V3 Router.


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Everything was ok until two days ago. high speed download. green icon. But yesterday utorrent is telling "no incoming connection".

I do exacly everything it say here: http://www.portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/Netgear/WGT624v3/Utorrent.htm

and here is also a screenshot:


When I dont use the router and i just plug the cable to the wall(I dont use any modem) the icon is gree. and fast. I dont know what Ive done.... any ideas? anyone else has this router.?


win xp sp2 pro

avg antivirus, avg spyware. free edition.

no firewall installed. Using only xp firewall.

utorrent 1.7.1

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Ok man I had sort of the same problem and what I did was the following.

1. Followed Port-Fowarding guide to a "T".

2. Go to Network Connections and Right Click on the connection your happening problems with then go to properties. Once the menu pops-up go to the Advanced tab and click on the settings button. Once this new menu pops-up go to the Advanced tab again and click on the settings button of the said connection your having problems with. You'll see 2 tabs a "Services Tab" and a "ICMP" tab. First in the services tab make sure that you set up both tcp and upd services for your port to foward. after you've done that go to the "ICMP" tab and click the box next to Allow Incoming router request. Click the ok button and find the ICMP setting button and make sure that the Allow Incoming router request box is checked. Hope this helps.

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