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u1.7(3341) + socksd


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I am running u1.7(3341) on XP and using socksd on a machine on my lan for all p2p communications (type socks4, use proxy for p2p comm is checked). The speed is much more stable than with straight XP I have about ~750d/125u and nothing is going on with the linux box in any sense. With XP I seemed to never away from the need to reboot my SOHO router which was annoying.

My router/.firewall has NAT/PAT for utorrent to the linux machine and the linux machine to the XP machine. Now with this I have no forwarding from the internet to my xp box directly and thus I cannot do the 'test to see if this port is open' (or nmap or whatever). Though with the download upload speeds and DHT login everything seems kosher EXCEPT that utorrent complains in the status bar 'unless this turns green' and that the tests fail.

Something seems to be amiss here. Though I can be an initial seeder of something just fine so obviously its working.

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