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Suggestion for Logging


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If I enable "Log Errors" in the Loggers tab, a lot of stuff gets logged:

[...]: Got Cancel Unrequested: 1221:81920->16384

[...]: Got Request while choked: 671:1622016->16384

[...]: Handshake completed

[...]: Encrypted handshake completed

[...]: Got Bad Have 117

Should all these really be considered as errors? Especially the handshake msgs definitely do not belong here. The last case is debatable, although I think since it's traffic-related, it should be in verbose as well.

Problem is, with this logging enabled, the window fills up quite fast with many msgs like the ones sampled above, and it becomes hard to spot real errors (UPnP-related ones for example).

I therefore suggest to move these messages to verbose.

Alternatively, you could create an additional option to log only system-related (local) messages (upnp, files completed/moved, ...).

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agreed on the overhaul.. it's highly unfunctional now.. if u want to see something u need to check "Verbose" which would result in tons of garbage :)

why not put something useful there, like:

[22:33:15] BlahBlah finished downloading, avg. speed - 2.4 mb/s
[22:33:15] BlahBlah cant announce properly. Check the tracker status message!

.. so that u can go home one night and see what happened and when :)

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