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  2. haha.. someone would suggest changing the port now..
  3. even if it clears the peer list it would be the same.. other people have your IP address and will try to reconnect to u once u're gone..
  4. shouldnt it clear the peer list? it's just disconnecting now but keeps them in the peer list and connects back again to the same peers..
  5. human stupidity cannot be fixed
  6. as an administrator in a tracker serving only the purposes of my ISP and visible from its users only, i'd want peers to be able to obtain new local peers, but not any external.. anyways, i've never seen LPD to be that effective to influence the situation.. on a larger scale, LPD not working if there's a private flag seems good..
  7. it asks "do you want to install?" when u first start it
  8. congrats on the final release (i dont want to call it stable since 99% of the betas were stable ) and i'm looking forward for the 1.8 series
  9. great.. on a side note, i hope that field will be larger for translation
  10. i suggested for it to be in the context dialog for globally limiting speed below the "Unlimited" option..
  11. 2922 no longer brings a confirmation dialog when the X-button is clicked right-click -> Exit on the tray icon however does work.. odd
  12. the torrent list searching feature (searchbox livesearch) is broken in 2740 while it worked in 2733