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Slow speeds. Tried many solutions. Specifics inside.


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uTorrent is having extremely slow download speeds, and I am not sure how to fix the problem. I was getting download speeds of 50-70 KB/s tops, and with DMZ enabled I get up to 220 KB/s but fluctuates around 120-170 KB/s. Here is the information.

Router and Modem Model:

Router: D-Link DI-524

Modem: Ambit? (Road Runner modem. Only thing I found was Ambit.)

Operating System:

Windows XP Home SP 2


Time Warner Cable - Road Runner

Security Software:

None. Everything has been disabled.

Port Checker:

"Error! Port 50586 does not appear to be open."

Connection Type:


DSL Reports:

Download Speed: 3624 Kb/s

Upload Speed: 346 Kb/s

<a href="http://speedtest.dslreports.com"><img border=0 src="http://www.dslreports.com/im/33858246/5162.png"></a>

Network Status:

Green check mark.

Speed Guide Settings:

Upload Limit: 34 KB/s

Connections: 100

Max Active Torrents: 9

Upload Slots: 8

Connections (global): 600

Max Active Downloads: 8

Current Port: 50586

Encryption Enabled

Everything I have tried:

I have tried the portforward.com guide for my router for uTorrent, set up a static IP and forwarded the port. The port checker reported that the port is still closed.

I tried enabling DMZ, which has resulted in the best speeds to far. The port is still closed however and I get less than mediocre speeds (15 KB/s) on downloads with 600+ seeds.

I have disabled uPnP on uTorrent, my router, and my PC.

I have removed my AV and disabled all built in Window's security programs.

I have read a myriad of posts that all refer back to the portforward.com guide (which evidently does not work in my situation).

I have made sure peer.lazy_bitfield is enabled.

I don't think my ISP was on the throttle list (unless they are owned by a bigger company).

I have enabled protocol encryption.

Computer Specs:

I have 2 gigs of RAM.

Processor is an Intel T2500 Dual Core 2.00 GHz.

Any and all help would be appreciated. I have tried almost everything and still get low numbers on heavily seeded torrents. Thanks.

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First, http://www.bisnotb.com/

Saying this, your speeds - having your port closed - are not so bad.

And second, all the following settings:

Connections: 100

Max Active Torrents: 9

Upload Slots: 8

Connections (global): 600

Max Active Downloads: 8

are set too high for your upload. You should try xx/384 from speed guide as a base, and tweak them a little only if neccesary.

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