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Speed Issues


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Hello there, i have been facing speed issues for ages when using u torrent and get a mam speed of 16kbps. What am i doing wrong, at the bottom it is a yellow triangle saying about incoming connections, yet i have tried to open a port in ther bt home hub which i am using. Any suggestions would be more than welcome as i hear people reaching speeds of 100kbps+. My internet connection normaly reaches 1024mbps (not MBPS). Thanks

By the way, this speed issue is always the same even when there are differign numbers of seeders and so on.

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I have just port forwared using the website on your signature 9im using the home hub). Doing this has

increased my upload to between 20 - 30

maintained a constant green light at the bottom of u torrent

allowed me to turn off a built in firewall i didnt no i had

however, i still get slow download speeds, ive tried the testers on the utorrent webpage but to no avail as they wouldnt download, can you recomend any others,

in u torrent i have set my download and upload to 0 (unlimimited)

global max connections = 75

max connected peerd per torrent 50

number of upload slots per torrent = 2

enable dht = ticked

eneable dht for new torrents = ticked

ask tracker for scrape information = ticked

enable peer exchange = ticked

protocol encryption = enabled

allow incoming legacy = ticked

max number of active torrents = 1 (up or down)

max number of active dowqnloads = 1

hope this is enough information, the torrent i am trying to download at the mo has the following details

seeds 17 (5960)

peers 31 (8856)

please could you explain the whole seeds and peers in relation to the numbers inside and outside the brackets as this confuses me. Thank you for taking the time to read this i would really appreciate the help

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currently my speeds are as follows, upload around 20 (limit set at 33) and download around 9 all the time,

as for the other settings they are what i am using, would it be possible for someone to list the settings they have ( if they work fine, and let me use those for mine apart from the variables which i can change accordingly?) would really appreciate the help guys as i should get a better download than 20, the best i have ever had?

also, you ask for screencaps, what does this mean as i am unsure

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