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uTorrent download speed changes after the first 30 minutes


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Can somebody tell me why when i start utorrent my download speed is about 500 kbs and after 30 minutes it slows down a lot, about 120 Kbs? I restart utorrent and it behaves in the same way.

P.S. (Can also somebody explain me what happens if i increase the value of bt.connect_speed in the utorrent advanced settings?thanx)

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Connection type: current settings

upload limit: 50 kbs

upload slots: 200

download limit: unlimited

connections: 400

connections (global): 800

max active torrents: 100

max active downloads: 50

enabled encryption

What do you suggest?

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Yes ok but i followed every step suggested by the speed guide of utorrent and when i tested my internet connection it resulted i had a download speed of 3,6 Mb and an upload speed of 816 Kbs, so i was supposed to set higher connection settings than xx/512Kbs, wasnt i!?...

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