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Motorola VT2442 (Vonage device) + Xchat = Disconnect problem


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I love utorrent, it is very light and seems to behave so well, really.

When I started using it. I noticed I could not maintain any connections in IRC anymore.

My phone line comes into my DSL Westell 6100 Router (provided by TelCo), then the connection goes into my Vonage Motorola VT2442 Router (provided by Vonage), then my box from there... I have noticed errors in the Motorola log when I log into it. Here is one:

[This is from the System / System Log - Router section]

2007:7:26:5:13 table full, dropping packet.

2007:7:26:5:13 2 messages suppressed.

All the errors are like this one. There are not tons, maybe 30 a night or more.

I have successfully set up my forwarding and I get the green OK when I check the forwarding status.

What is wrong? This never ever happens when utorrent isn't running.

Thank you.

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We don't know what settings you're using in µTorrent (as shown by Speed Guide CTRL+G and advanced changes).

...Nor do we know the speed of your internet connection, both UP and DOWN.

But quite likely, there is some setting/s in µTorrent that is simply too much for your connection.

This can help for disconnect problems as well as general slow speed issues:


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Evidently, your motorola router has problem with keeping all your TCP/IP sessions (including all the connections utorrent generates, but also your irc sessions too and any other you can think about)

Check if there is new flash for it, if not - you'll probably have to reduce number of connections in utorrent (or change the router)

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