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General question about Utorrent


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Sorry to sound stupid, but when Utorrent is open and the DL says:

Seeds 0(2) Peers 3(7)

What does the 2 in parentheses mean? Does it mean 2 seeds but zero connected? If someone could straighten that out for me I'd appreciate it.

If I finish DL a file, am I seeding on my own or do I have to do something extra to seed? If I am seeding will I be in parentheses? I just want to understand so I can do my part in sharing.

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Maybe the answers are the saame as I'm telling. But I always thought it meant


If it says (0) 2 it means there are 2 people on the swarm (right word?) but there

are 0 people active. They might be paused or otherwise not participating.

I believe the 0 is more of a real time number where the 2 is left over from the last

scan of 'who's there' .. and I'm sorrry to say I'm too ignorant to know what does the


The nice thing about the 2 is that at least someone is potentially there to be involved. I believe that 1 of the 2 is YOU.

I got this from torrents where I was the only participant and saw something like

0 (1)

I'm just trying to clarify what I think the two posters already said.

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My other problem is that I'm seeding everything I DL. But my ratio is low at some places thus not letting me DL until I reach 0.50 ratio. How can I bump this up if people aren't DL what I'm seeding? I'm trying to help but I can't force anyone to DL what I'm seeding.

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