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DHT thingy


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Hello folks, my first post or something.

Well, my question/suggestion/whatever is actually referring to the DHT system

In the statusbar it tells me i have contact with 310 peers right now, thats quite ok..

I have read that this is how many nodes i'm connected too in the forum.

Is it possible in any way to atleast have an option to change it to show how many actual peers i'm connected to insted of nodes? Since it actually says peers.

I did notice people comment that azureus has this feature, why utorrent does not i dont know, guess there is a good reason.

Nodes does'nt really tell me shit about how many people that i actually see.

Maybe this is useless for some, but not for me. :)

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Well, i probably wrote this a bit wrong.

I did'nt mean the number when you look at "options" at one exact torrentfile. i meant the total down in statusbar.

And one other question while i'm at it.

How low can the "Seed xx% of the file" option be set? I'm on a VERY slow connection, so seeding is not really an option.

Want to seed a certain ammount, then just quit. But i cannot seem to get it to stop seeding.

I've tried 10,20,30% and met the requirements on all options, but it wont stop the seeding

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Not that I support you leeching (I seeded on a slow connection too!), but you have to check "Limit the upload rate to" and write in 0 for it to take effect. In the latest beta, it applies to all torrents, but in 1.2 stable and earlier, it only applies to new torrents.

Still, you should try to seed to at least 50%, even on a slow connection. :/

I'm not sure what you're asking for to be displayed for DHT.

The number that is mentioned in DHT Status is just how many peers you got when you announced to the DHT network (every node works like a tracker on DHT), and the status bar shows you many peers/nodes you're directly connected to on the DHT network.

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