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Problem with completing downloads


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Every time I finish my download, it seems quite normal, 100% done etc. The problems start when I try to unpack my download. The software says that CRC error on one or many pieces. Well after force re-checking with utorrent, it seems to now think that it is 99,9% or so. Not finished eh? After I've downloaded again the pieces that utorrent seems to miss, I re-check it again just to be sure. Now it again says 99,9%. After doing this few times it finally stays at 100% and I try to unpack it. CRC error. Sometimes I manage to unpack the download but it doens't run 100%.

So, this problem has troubled me some time now, and it happens so many times on different torrents that it can't be a random error.

I've reinstalled my windows and changed the target hard drive but they didn't do anything good (for my problem anyways). uTorrent version is 1.7.2.

Any help?

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