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How to solve this problem?

Black Star

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Hy there!

First of all, I have a line that allows me about 64 kb/s raw speed, wich is about 3.6 MB/minute.When I have first installed uTorrent 1.7 everything was working fine.It has found a port for me and the downloads were fine.It looked like that almost any other port I would have choosed, it worked.

Then the bad things followed.I made the mistake to download the updates (now at version 1.7.2.).since the first update, everything went bad.The default port I was using was not working anymore and it looks like I canot find any other port that works.Any port I try, it tells me that the port does not look to be open.Also it tells me that I have no incoming connections.

Since I have installed uTorrent first time nothing changed on my computer.uTorrent has all the access it needs on my firewall.

Now what's the problem?

For example, I have a download that I have downloaded at 40-60 kb/s, now I can't exceed 0.5-1.7 kb/s with it.That download has about 10-20 peers and about half of them are seeders.The remaining peers are downloading from me with about 50-60 kb/s but I can't download from them with more than 2.0 kb/s!!!

It's obvious I have no problem with my connection, since the data is flowing.But it's flowing only one way.

I repeat, this happens since I have installed the first update.No incomming connections, no available port.

How can I solve this?I don't have the 1.7 version anymore since the updater takes care to download over the previous version.

Thank you in advance!

Best regards!

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Yes, I tried and nothing worked.It's actually pretty straight and simple.In my firewall you can only set if a certain application has or not access to the internet.There is nothing you can get wrong.It's only a check box.My firewall has no other options.

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