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When utorrent in running internet dies - what am I doing wrong ???


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Whenever utorrent is running it basically kills all internet connections. even when i put the upload speed on 5 for example - still no connection.

also when i shut utorent down i have to wait about 10 minutes to finally get a connection or re-boot the router.

does anyone have any idea what i can do to fix this

Thanks allot

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Yes, you'll need to use conservative settings in µTorrent because there are more things than just upload SPEED that can kill a connection.

Worst cases I've heard of, extreme settings in µTorrent cause total computer freezes and bluescreens. Nothing wrong with µTorrent, it just has to be told NOT to do certain things.

If you have any marginal networking hardware or software, even ordinary settings in µTorrent are too much for them.

...so try this:


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