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Aggressive first_last


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Let's face it: There's a lot of junk out there, and it doesn't deserve the traffic. The quicker I can acertain a file's worthlessness, the quicker I can toss it.

IMO, bt.prio_first_last_piece is indespensible (and why I use uTorrent exclusively for downloading), but it is sometimes insufficient to the need, such as when only a tiny sliver of a piece overlaps into the beginning of the desired file from the previous file, and there's not enough to play in VLC to judge quality. It really sucks when I have to wait forever for the next sequential piece.

Request: When bt.prio_first_last_piece is combined with a file marked High priority, uTorrent attempts to acquire a few more pieces at the front and end of the file, and attempts to acquire at least a modest portion of the front of the file sequentially.

Since bt.prio_first_last_piece is "off" by default, I don't see much, if any, potential harm to bittorrent in general (and certainly not to "good" material) from a little more aggressive prioritization by uTorrent in specific circumstances.

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Essentially a duplicate request of:

"Match BitComet's first_last default"


by Honeyfrog

...a minor difference is in the case of multi-file torrents, which would need first+last priority as well.

That would be annoyingly close to sequential downloading, which sabotages BitTorrent's seeding and speeds.

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