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Port forwarding with wireless router and modem

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Hi all, looking for some help. I have recently used utorrent with just a direct connection to a ZyXEL Prestige 600 series modem. Everything was set up correctly ie static IP setup, port allowed in BitDefender 9 Firewall, Port open in the modem. All was well and the green light was ticked on at the bottom of the program.

Now I have added a Edimax BR 6204 Wg wireless router to the modem and have once again followed the instructions from Portfoward.com, but when I test the port is says it is not open. The symbol is yellow warning symbol. All the settings are correct in the router, firewall, utorrent and internet connections

Will I have do adjust something in the modem to allow the router an open port?

Can anyone shed some light on this?


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