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Please help (urgent) - How to set up uTorrent to....


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One site is having free leech - all you can grab 24 hour mania - that ends in 24 hours...

So I have two connections - one PC on DSL another PC on Cable

How should I set up uTorrent so that one PC doesn't monopolize the only 3 torrents I can be getting from this particular private community site at the same time (FAQ: "Users will be able to leech 3 torrents at a time.")?


what I have now - Even if initially/currently both are downloading - once PC1 (DSL) finishes the 1 torrent it was downloading but has many in queue - PC2 (Cable) (already downloading 2 torrents) may grab that new "third [last] leech [spot]" that just became available - resulting in PC1 - sitting not being able to download anything, as no more leech spots are available :(

There's got to be some settings or things that I can do in uTorrent that would allow me to utilize both connections. In Options - Queueing section - there is

"Max # of active torrents _" and "Max # of active downloads _"

I set both to 2 but I do not think it is correct, also what should "Seed While ... " section be set to?

Also I am not entirely sure how seeding effects the above scenario, and how uTorrent settings above are effected? Preferably at the moment like others I would like to download as much as possible and later leave them all to seed...

Thank you - all help is very much appreciated!

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Are you trying to use the same username across both computers?

Have you tried enabling "Seeding tasks have a higher priority than downloading tasks" setting?

Yes I am forced to use the same username - I could only get one account...

No I have not yet tried enabling "Seeding tasks have a higher priority than downloading tasks" - but that seems counter - of what I want - I do not want to seed at the moment at all

Thank you.

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