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Web UI Won't Connect


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My Web UI was working and now it doesn't.

The computer running utorrent is at my parents as they have unlimited D/L and I am on cable with D/L limit.

I currently had to upgrade to a new Modem/Router DSL 504T. I know that the WebUI is working as when I use it opens up the WebUI.

I have created a static ip and forwarded the ports as per the instructions, by creating a new option for utorrent and adding it to my ip. On the computer that is running utorrent it looks to be working correctly and I get a green tick mark and pretty good D/L speeds.

It seems that something in the modem is stopping my request to access the Web UI. When I try to access it from home it does not even ask for the password and username.

Does anybody know if any sort of things need to be done. Anything with the filters option or anything that needs to be enabled /disabled ??

This is really bothering me and I have spent many hours so far trying to get it to work .

Please help if you have ideas.


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