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Bug - what do you see wrong in this screenshot?

Black Star

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Hy there!

What do you see wrong in this screenshot?

All my downloads look like this since I have upgraded to the version 1.7.2.

This screenshot was taken with all the programs that could interfere with uTorrent off.So there was no firewall, nothing.

Also, any port I try it gives me it's not forwarded properly.On version 1.7, almost any port I tried was forwarded properly.

Why this bug?The upgrade was really needed?I see lots of other threads with problems tied to this version and thied to unwanted changes that happen in uTorrent on upgrade.

Why this happens?And how can be solved?

Thank you in advance!

Best regards!

Screenshot :


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Just closing software firewalls (Except the windows built in one) isn't enough to remove the blocks they put in place.

I have no problems getting incoming connections on both of my systems. Both with no software firewalls installed, the windows firewall off. One using UPnP, the other using static forwards.

Process explorer processes list please.

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