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utorrent 1.7.2 sucks


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i don't know why but the newest version is giving me all types of problems on xp. i had to do a reformat anyway (cause microsoft is oh so awesome) so i just installed the newest utorrent but couldn't get it to work. so i fucked around with my firewall for no reason and no success. And before utorrent took like absolutely no effort to set up, which is why its the shit. so i found the old 1.7.1 (<url munched by admin. We don't support finding old versions. period.)

and everything's chill again. wtf. is this a vista bullshit deal or what? guess ill boot over to vista (which is overrated anyway) and see for myself. if you have had the same problem, roll back. i mean utorrent was perfect as it was. shit what did they have to change in the first place?

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