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Keep getting vsmon error with Zone Alarm while running UTorrent


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I've been using both Zone Alarm and uTorrent for quite sometime and recently I having problems. When I'm away from my computer (normally overnight) a message pops up saying there is a vsmon error with Zone Alarm and it locks up my computer. I have been talking with Zone Alarm support and they seemed baffled so I thought I would try here. Any suggestions or has someone else had this problem and found a resulution ? Thank you for any assistance. Jesone

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Hi, same problem here. Zone alarm and utorrent dont like each other.

Updated to latest version of each and the issue remains

My analysis.

Since I have no other issues with zone alrarm, I feel its a utorrent issue.

Mabey.... some hacker has found a way to crash za thru utorrent,

Though I hope not..

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I've been using zone alarm for a few years now, and it does have a habit of changing its own behavior for no reason. The first time I used it, ran fine for a few months, then suddenly decided to block all traffic. Uninstalled, reinstalled, ran for about 6 months, then same thing.

Tried again, ran for a couple years, then around last christmas, its access log stopped working, and it started having a memory leak. After about a month everything suddenly went back to normal.

Until I had a hard drive crash. After reinstalling everything to a new drive, Zone Alarm will not co-operate with any torrent client. Ended up removing it last night, and everything works at last.

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Well, it may be Zone Alarm...I've read that it does have some problems...but for me, switching from uTorrent to Azureus did the trick. Azureus ran for about 18 hours straight with no hint of a problem from Zone Alarm. So as much as I love uTorrent, I guess I am switching to Azureus.

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It was recommended to me to use Sygate Personal Firewall, which I have now done.

Utorrent has no trouble with it at all.

The good thing with this firewall, is if it has a question (do you want to allow xyz to access the internet), it shows you the text of the packet, and you can see straight away if you want to allow it or not. With Zone Alarm it's guesswork.

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I just wanted to update this forum with what I did. I ended up Uninstalling Zone Alarm (Didn't want to) and I purchased PC Ciliian. Consumer Reports had rated it number 1. I like PC Cillian but it uses up way too much memory and Processor resources. Errrrgggg ... PC Cillian help suggested I uninstall and reinstall yadda yadda yadda .... I have done that and it seems to work well for a while and then I have to uninstall again and it works for a while. I'll post again with another update a little later... Thanks for all of the posts and suggestions. It's GOOD to communicate this stuff. Thanks !

Later today I found on another forum a possible solution to the PC Cillin resource hogging. I had used Spybot Search and Destroy a while back so I tried this and it did improve my system a great deal.


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(Msg. 16) Posted: Wed Jan 03, 2007 1:53 pm

Post subject: Trend Micro instructions for those that

have used Spybot


For those who have or have used in the past Spybot

Search and Destroy, have they tried the instructions

posted on the Trend Micro site?


After installing PC-cillin Internet Security 2007, my

computer started to run slowly. It also takes a long

time to open different programs. When I check the

Processes tab of the Windows Task Manager, I see

PcScnSrv.exe with a very high CPU usage. What should I



You may experience this issue if you have previously

installed the Spybot Search and Destroy program on

your computer.

Spybot may have made some changes to your computer

that conflicts with the spyware monitor of PC-cillin

Internet Security. It also increased the size of the

spyware exception list considerably, causing your

computer to slow down whenever PC-cillin Internet

Security is active.

To get your computer back to its normal speed, do the


Important: We recommend that you print out this

document before proceeding as you will be asked to

restart your computer during the procedure.

1.Open the Spybot Search and Destroy program by

clicking Start > Programs or All Programs > Spybot –

Search & Destroy > Spybot – Search & Destroy.

Note: If you have already uninstalled Spybot from your

computer, you need to install it again before


2.Click Immunize on the left menu.

3.Click Undo. A message appears saying "All bad

products are now allowed again".

4.Close the Spybot window and any other open programs.

5.Double-click My Computer on your Desktop.

6.Double-click Local Disk.

7.Go to the C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\Internet

Security 2007 folder.

8.Delete the usrwl.dat file.

9.Restart your computer.

If your computer still runs slowly, contact Trend

Micro Consumer Support.

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