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I want uTorrent to be my Screensaver!


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I simply want uTorrent to start at any time of the day or night AS SOON AS MY COMPUTER HAS BEEN IDLE FOR 60 MINUTES.... just like a screensaver.

When I an using the computer, I need uTorrent to always be completely OFF because it hogs too much internet bandwidth... But, as soon as it's been idle, I'd like it to lauch uTorrent.

As it is, turning uTorrent OFF is no problem... I just Quit it.

But I almost always forget to launch uTorrent before I walk away from the computer.

I realize that, ideally, this SHOULD be a built-in feature of uTorrent... But in the meantime, have any ideas?

For example, is there a .scr Screensaver that will launch a specified program just before (or in lieu of) launching a normal screensaver...?

Also, Question 2: How can I get uTorrent to run on a Ubuntu Linux machine?

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