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Stop file re-check on start up


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Why, in this latest version 1.7.2 are the downloading torrents fully checked on EVERY start up of utorrent even when I've done a normal and full close of the program to allow cached files to be saved

Please help as some of my downloads are large Gb and it can take an hour or two to re-check them before starting to download

I've not had this problem on previous version and have clicked off check association with no change

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A possible workaround can be found here.

The Check Association option is just so that uTorrent can reassociate itself with .torrent files if some other application 'steals' them.

You're referring to files being re-checked on every startup I suppose? BTW, where do you save downloads? To a local disk or an external disk or to the network? If you're not saving to a local disk, could you try starting up uTorrent after the external storage becomes fully available and accessible to Windows?

What OS are you using? Vista? Are you having any shutdown problems at all? Any improper shutdowns while downloading might cause files to be re-checked next time uTorrent is fired up.

If you have any older version with you, can you confirm positively that simply replacing the 1.7.2 exe with an older one solves the issue with no other change whatsoever?

If you can confirm it, please report it as a bug so the developers can take a look at it. It's been happening a lot lately and people always seem to say it's the latest version that's causing it, but it would be good if someone can test and confirm this 100% as it doesn't happen to everyone and thus is difficult to replicate.

To the developers: Firon once said that "1.7 delays deletion until it's safe to do so, but it can't shut down until it's actually done." Could it be that since the newer versions in general do more post-processing as compared to previous ones, the default 10 sec. shutdown delay (if bt.graceful_shutdown is left at the default 'false' state) is simply not enough in many cases (possibly for big torrents or slightly slower drives etc.) and thus the error? Whatever it is, with so many complaints, this looks like something worth looking into...

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