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How to restart a download


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Hi, I began downloading a file but then accidenntly I clicked "remove" after right clicking it . The file still exists in "downloads" but it has not fully downloaded yet. Rep to anyone who can tell me how to resume this download.

Thanks in advance and sorry if my english is poor. Please ask if their is anything I need to clarify.

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I tried mesmer's way and it doesnt work. it just restarts from 0. -edit 1

deadwingknight's faq link doesnt seem to help me either, I dont understand the extensions, and i dont think thats mine or krinkles' problem. I uninstalled utorrent, but before I did that I copied and pasted the torrent files I was downloading from the %appdata%\utorrent folder to somewhere else. when I click on these after I reinstalled utorrent, it restarts from 0. I tried putting the torrent files in the same folder as the unfinished files like mesmer said, but that didnt help. -edit 2

I found this thread and it helped me, I think itwill for you too

http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=28531 -edit 3

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