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power got unplugged; download is stuck on "stopped"


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I went to unplug my laptop and foolishly did not realize that my battery was out, so it crashed. Now my torrent is stuck at the "stopped" position no matter what I do, and the download % has actually gone down from where it was previously. If I manually go and check the size of the downloaded file it is 80% of the size of the total file, which is what it was displaying before my computer died, but it now displays only 65.7% downloaded. Earlier it would not download even though there were many seeds and peers. It just so happens none are online now that I've taken this screenshot:


The other torrents weren't active when my computer died, and haven't been active in quite a while, so I don't really care about them.

Any idea what's up, and how to repair it? Thanks in advance.

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