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No Incoming Connections


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I am downloading some files, but to the bottom, the alert stays yellow, it doesn't turn green. It says no incoming connections. I still get the peer list, and I download at about 30kbps. I generally take these files down at 700kbps but something is going wrong.

Can you help me in any way? I don't have a router, I'm on a laptop, everything was working fine except for yesterday night. It has been going on till today, and I can't manage with things being so slow. I checked with the ISP for my connection speed, they confirmed everything is regular. I was using Norton Anti-virus while this happened. Just now I uninstalled it (no effect) enabled utorrent for windows firewall and installed Avast! antivirus.

Please, help me in any way possible. If you need me to post screenshots, tell me from where and I will post them.


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Yup, all of it, or enough to make my brain cells die.

Funny thing is, that when I phoned them, I was downloading a 3d MMORPG via ut, and the connection was hovering at about 8kB/s, it immediately exploded to 100kB/s, and then I got hooked to the technical support. At that moment in time, my download speed blew up once again to 200kB/s. I had no more proof to show them that my connection was sucking. He told me to make a speed test on their own website, and while doing it, I check the utorrent window, and amaze myself at a nice 1.2Mb/s download speed.

I stopped calling them (1 minute of swift fast 1.2Mb/s I'll never forget ;) ) and the connection tripped and fell to 300kB/s. It then went back up to 700 and rested there. And here I am looking happily at the speed connection, pointlessly hoping it will stay like this for the rest of my life O.O

Thanks for all your worry, I guess my ISPs are the bastard ones ^^

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