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I'm at a University NOT behind a router......pls help!!!!


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I'm at a university and using utorrent. My download speeds usually range from 10-25kb/s but the speed tests show much higher speeds. I've read everywhere about forwarding ports from your router, but I don't think I am using a router as they are prohibited by the University. I'm connected through a cable box in my room, so here is my question:

If I'm not using a router and therefore can't forward ports, then how do achieve higher download speeds using utorrent? My firewall (Windows) has utorrent on the allow list and even when i turn the firewall off or close it - it has no effect.

If somehow the university uses routers somewhere in the building or whatever - how do I go about getting higher speeds???

I know you guys get tired of hearing similar questions over and over again - but I couldn't find any topics where people weren't using routers. Is there any way at all I can up my speeds to higher speeds like 150-350 kb/s. Any help is appreciated..... God Bless!!!

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