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gui update rate in Vista


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Hi all.

I have recently upgraded my OS from XP to Vista. I was running uTorrent on the XP for a loooong time without any problems. I usually changed the gui update rate from default 1000 to 50 so that the various gauges move more smoothly. But after the upgrade to Vista (if you can even call it a upgrade), after setting the gui update rate to my usual 50, the CPU is being constantly raped by uTorrent up to full 100% (Intel Pentium M 1,73GHz). However, after changing the gui variable back to default 1000, the CPU is no more being abused by uTorrent. Is there any kind of leak or something under Vistas? Has this issue been adressed before?

Thank you in advance for any constructive response.

Best regards


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I don't think that uTorrent GUI has anything to do with Vista's Aero. It's just about how often the numbers and gauges are refreshed and they are the same as in XP, so no more CPU usage, I presume. I think that it's rather a problem of some kind of a CPU leak.

Concerning you question, 1000 is pretty reasonable. I choose 50 so that the gauges move more smoothly. If you don't necessarily need that, I would say that even 5000 is sufficient. In genereal, the number means the "amount" of miliseconds between refreshes. Smaller number means more often.

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