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Error: Too many open files


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WOW, 60,000 ?? OK, can I ask one more clarification to be sure I do it right.

I have looked at the other post, and I am again new to terminal commands.

So, I open the terminal and su or sudo and what is the difference does it matter?

I want to run ulimit -n 60000 <--- just like that?

Then restart uTorrent?

Simple as that?

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OK, I might need just a little more play by play on how to do this if you please.

I tried to do it like the old post with su and it looked like it worked, but when I just checked it later, it was back to the default 1024 or whatever and I am still getting only about 15 torrents to stay running.

So I saw on yet another forum how to edit the actual file... but those instructions assumed I knew things that I dont.

So, how can I edit the file in the ect/ or wherever it is to set it to like 50000 permanently?

And kind of hold my hand on it if you dont mind, and assume I have never edited a conf file before. I have a couple times, but those were pretty much monkee see hand holds too and so I am just not done it near enough to really KNOW what I am doing.

Thanks ever so much !!

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