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Error: Too many open files


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I'm using uTorrent 1.7.2 in Kubuntu Linux with Wine 0.9.43...

I've got a torrent with thousand of files, and while uTorrent is checking a directory the opened files of the process just keep growing (checked using lsof command) until uTorrent fails with Error: Too many open files.

From the behavior, it seems file descriptors aren't close until the end of the checking... After checking a file, it should be closed. If it is, maybe it's a wine bug :\

Under windows I didn't have a problem, but systems can have different maximum of open files limit.

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ulimit -n please


Also, could you check with win version 0.9.44 as well?

As soon as wine updates their ubuntu repository :\

Keep in mind that each peer connection in addition to each local file link counts as an open file.

I made the test with everything stopped. lsof gives 160. Next I started only the torrent that has all files (6881) already downloaded and I want to seed. uTorrent starts checking the files and never close them. lsof keeps growing until the error message...

You can't have any more open files than the ulimit -n value.

Do you know a simple way to increase the limit? I've put in sysctl.conf fs.file-max=200000 but ulimit -n still gives 1024 :\

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In the case, I'm starting only a torrent with lots of files. The problem is only during the Checking phase. After the check is done, the file handlers are correctly closed. I don't see a reason for a file that was already checked, thus not in use, to remain opened...

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Hi, I am bumping this thread because of the post above where it says this bug was fixed in 1.8 beta.

I have been using 1.7.7 and had this error, so I installed 1.8.

I am sad to report that is does not fix the bug.

Also, I used ulimit and set mine to 10,000 and still having many many torrents with errors.

I am on 8.04 ubuntu and my machine is a c2d with 750GB and 3GB and never has any other issues.

What else may you suggest? Should I try and set the ulimit to 20,000? higher? I am not dumb, but I am a novice, so please be clear for me.

Kind Thanks !

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I am running all updates and builds to the day! Yes!!

I can set that at any reasonable number... what might that be?

Here is what I have... I have 54 torrents and about 1200 Peers.

I do not know how many files they have in each torrent combined, but I know many of them have 100 or more files each torrent.

I understand that this IS a limit of the OS.... and so any other suggestions on tweaking the OS settings ulimit or otherwise would be great.

Thanks again, your doing great !!

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Just as an additional note... of the 54 torrents.... HALF of them are reporting this error. It is not one or two of them.. I am seeding/leaching only about 18 actual torrents which are doing fine. I have stopped 10 of them, just because they were not getting more than 20K up anyway, as I try and figure this out. That leaves about 16 which are errors and which if I force start, do start and seed for a few minutes before erring out once again.


That guide set me for 1000 connections and 25 torrents.

If that is truly it... then I am paying WAY too much for a server that is using 12% CPU on just 25 TORRENTS.

I think that is the simple answer.

You want to seed 100 torrents? Get 4 servers. LOL

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Mondays... sorry I wasn't saying the speed is the problem, I was making note the usage figures you show don't seem to be indicative of a healthy system.

I wasn't even covering the limit issue you pointed out here... Maybe I'm just too far behind the times, but looking at other people's fast rigs these days... 25% CPU for 3+2 MBps means something is working overtime. I don't recall the exact figures, so you may want to check out the rest of your rig for other possible causes of the excessive usage... i.e. misconfiguration before plopping down more $ for FOUR of them... 4 means 4x as many changes from default ;)

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