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Slow hash check when starting uTorrent?


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When I shutdown uTorrent and reboot it for some reason it will check the previous downloaded data and it takes FOREVER. I am not too sure why it doesn't it save it somewhere or maybe theres a fast download option, but can anyone help me out? I am not too sure if you need a Hijack this log, but if you do i'll edit this post and put it up immediately.


I just thought of something else. Even if it is a 4gb torrent and I've downloaded only 2 mb of the file it still takes forever.

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I have the SAME issue... I also have many 30GB+ torrents downloading...

This has happened 2 times and it takes over 2 days for my files to all check again...

Most aggravating thing that has happened to me in about 6 months...


I have turned on the graceful shutdown, lets hope that fixes this issue from happening again.

If anyone needs help finding where to turn on bt.graceful_shutdown, it is under advanced options. You should change it from "false" to "true".

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