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Description: Torrent status icons loosely based on b0se's XPMC Visual Style.

NOTE: These are 32-bit alpha-blended bmps so they work natively with XP / ME. You must have one of those versions for these icon sets to work properly. Wiki on it here.

Changelog: Version 2.

~ downloading blue is now darker.

~ drop shadow larger and more visible.

~ corrected the order of tracker error icons.


Click above to download.

Installation instructions included in the zip.


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most of my icons have space around them. The field is 16x16, but if you use the whole field, the icons will very nearly touch. I get alot of flak about it sometimes. If you want µTorrent to feel even less bloated, try a lite version of one of my icon sets. It dramatically cuts down the icons that are displayed.

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