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i am downloading a file, when start it goes too around 200kB/s and after few minutes it drops to about 70kB/s.

This is the settings that i have:

Patched TCPIP.sys to 100

max halfopen 50

TCP/IP Optimizer 5000kb/s

Connection: Telus Extreme

Download Speed: 5200kbps Upload Speed: 640kbps

Maximum Upload Rate: 20kB/s

Global Maximum number of connections: 375

Maximum number of connected peers per torent: 100

Modem: Speed touch

Router: DLINK I-524


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Lower your half open connection rate in µTorrent back down to the default of 8. Continuously trying to connect to 50 NEW connections all the time is very hard on networking equipment...to say nothing of the bandwidth usage!

Did you ever try the full xx/640k settings or do you need a lot of leftover upload bandwidth for other things?

I'm not sure about your ISP throttling BitTorrent, but it's quite possible...certainly after you've been downloading at 200 KiloBYTES/sec for a few minutes! Can your connection sustain an upload speed of 50+ KiloBYTES/sec? (Upload side is often throttled more than download, as ISPs have to pay more for that.)

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i lower it to 8, then i tried to lower the upload to 20, because i need leftovers for other things. Also i don't think my isp (TELUS) is throttling bittorrent, i live in calgary. and yes my connection can sustain an upload speed of 50+ KiloBYTES/sec. This happens on every torrent i download, it starts out at high speed then gradully slows down? Help?

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There should be a new rule on this site regarding speed-related issues: When posting, you must include the name of your ISP.

This will quickly determine if the speed issue is due to traffic-shaping.

(I can think of at least two situations involving Comcast in which my download speeds would behave exactly as Fruitsensation describes above.)

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