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"network: OK" BUUUT NatChecker Fails!


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Hey guys, I got my ports forwarded in my router, and Utorrent says "network:ok"

However, I am still getting very slow download speeds. I tried the Natchecker, and that does NOT work. :( Please help me out. I was under the impression that if I had proper port forwrading, natchecker should pass.

Also, DHT shows 0 peers, and sits at (login). IS that part of my problem?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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The NAT checker on BTFAQ failed for you? That's kind of odd... Make sure you put in the right infohash (you can right click on it and select Copy in µTorrent).

Did you make sure to forward both TCP/UDP? (not that it should affect the NAT checker if you didn't forward UDP).

Do you have a firewall? If you're on Windows XP SP2, it has a built-in firewall which is enabled by default. Routers can also come with firewalls, that may be blocking it too.

Did you make sure to throttle your upload to 80% of your actual maximum?

It's also fairly odd that DHT stays on 0, it looks as if it's getting blocked, possibly by said firewall.

Also, what's the swarm size for the torrents you're trying to get?

You should also try the OpenOffice.org torrents and see if you can get decent speeds.

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Thanks for your help. I am not running a software firewall at all. Windows 2000, so no microsoft firewall stuff.

I did right click and copy the HASH out of utorrent as well.

Not sure about the "Swarm size" where do i figure that out.

What port does DHT operate on? I know how to foward ports, and it apparently works, since it says "network: ok".

thanks for your help.

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Strange, I was reading my manual for my router, and ALL ports are open for UDP.

The router does have some kind of firewall, but my port is forwarded, and network reports: ok.

Now my DHT is saying "0 peers", which I don't think is right :( please help! I'm only getting about 40k in my downloads, and i have a 512 connection.

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