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Bandwidth sharing?


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Hi all,

I started using U torrent a little while ago and have been really pleased with it, I love the fact that you can choose why you download.

Anyway my problem is that whenever I use u torrent the internet doesn't really work. I get great download speeds but it takes over and uses all the bandwidth. I have a 20mb cable connection and I have been getting torrent speeds of 150/200kbs. I want to know if there is a way to share the bandwidth so u torrent doesn't hog it. I share my connection with 2 other PC's and when it is running they have no real use of the net.

What I ideally want is a way to have u torrent using all availiable bandwidth then when anything else wants to use the net it uses alot less bandwidth so it's able to.

My router is a D-Link DIR635

and u torrnt is on a Vista Machine.

I hope I did a good job of explaining myself.



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