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trouble with 1.2.2 and cFosSpeed


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Did you calibrate it properly?

Right click on cFosSpeed, "Clear calibration data". Then run a download at FULL speed for 5-10 seconds. It is very important that you don't run it for more than this!

Then, upload at full for 30-60 seconds and stop it.

To maximize the calibration, just upload for a few hours on µTorrent with the speed uncapped, you should be able to get your maximum speed that way.

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some questions about cfos:

is it better to favor ping time or favor bandwidth for uTorrent?

only using utorrent and cfos, when i look at dl and up rate they are different. I mean when utorrent shows i.e. 100kB/s down and 100kB/s up, cfos shows it as about 10~15kB/s higher then utorrent (110~115 kB/s down and 110~115 kB/s up). Which one is the more actual indication?

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maybe somebody can answer this because the same question was never answered on the cfos site forum:

I've installed cfos on my computer (duh) which is linked to a wrt54g configured as a gateway (the wrt54g is then connected to the modem configured as a bridge).

Now I'm using microsoft isa 2006 functioning as the gateway so my connection is as follow:

-modem is connected to the isa server

-isa server is connected to the wrt54g (now configured as router/accesspoint)

-computer is still connected to the wrt54g

Still with cfos installed on my computer, when i now internet i don't see any traffic going through cfos. So i've installed cfos on the isa server and there i do see traffic going through cfos.

Is this considered a good "location" of the cfos installation (on my computer and isa server) or do i need to only installed on the isa server OR computer only?

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