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any way to prioritize torrents by tracker?


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i use public and private trackers, problem is that the private tracker i use limites me to 1 connection at a time. is there any way i can set utorrent to check to see if another torrent is already d/l from the private tracker before trying the next in queue so that it doesnt try to start a second d/l from the private tracker and will be denied?

if this doesnt make sense to anyone, consider this:

my utorrent is set to d/l a max of 2 torrents at a time. if one of them is on the private tracker and the other finishes, and the next in queue is also from the private tracker, i want utorrent to jump over it until the one already running from the private tracker is finished. otherwise utorrent gets an error from the tracker, jumps over it anyway, and it never ends up getting d/l until i come back and restart it


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