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It's packed with PECompact 2, and the original size might be between 200-300KB (I can't be bothered to find an unpacker).

I'm sure the main application is written in C++.

I'm not sure whether they've done this but you can get a program's filesize down by removing the CRT (C Run Times) from your project, although this causes a lot of simple functions like strstr() and the like not to be available. These could always be written yourself though.

Edit: well, vurlix has cleared that up. :P

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Good question. µTorrent was specifically designed to reduce its memory, cpu usage and file size to the absolute minimum possible while retaining usability.

For the technically inclined, the details are as follow.

· Programmed in C/C++.

· Built from scratch and only makes minimal use of the C Run Time. This dependancy (if it can even be called that) will be removed in the future, shaving off another 20-30 KB.

· Does not use C++ Exception handling, nor the C++ Standard Library, nor the Boost Library. This means we had to reinvent the wheel a little, but the benefits were well worth it.

· Finally, the executable was compressed with PECompact to reduce dead weight.

There was a time where, although it lacked many features, µTorrent was capable of downloading files reliably and weighed less than 22 KB as built without the C Run Time.

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Thanks a lot for the answers, it's much appriciated.

Wow, two weeks from scratch is really fast - you must be quite efficient! Just one more question out of curiousity before I'm to bed, what IDE/compiler do you use? Although I only do minor programming jobs I'm quite eager to know what other developers use (it's not like it should make a big difference, though ;)).

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Strigeus still uses the aging Visual C++ 6, while I prefer Visual C++ 7.1. However, I'm currently learning Mac OS X software development with the superb Xcode tools.

There is a before and after µTorrent. I was wondering where to learn c++ in so high level as you qualify.

How two rebuild the wheel because the wheel has become so heavy that we need to go back in time to make things easier.

I really understand why not to do it Open Source, but in all topics I've read about open source in this forum, I've never read about the main purpose of the birth of Open Source. Knowledge. This is what GNU aims as a first step. So I respect the decisions of why not to share the source code, but can you gave us a hint where to start to achieve all that knowledge?

Thanks a lot

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