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Trouble uploading


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My ISP is optimum online and I have a a 15meg download and 3 meg upload line with powerboost cable line. I have no problems downloading but uploading is a big issue for some reason. When I try to access cable modem it says I am not allowed so I go through my Belkin Wireless G Router and I have it set to dmz mode. My currnet port I use for utorrent is 13252 I have added it to the let me upload and download in router but still have no idea why I can't seed back. I have no firewall running and I totally disabled the windows one. I run Windows XP Pro SP2, AMD 64 3800 2.4GIG CPU, 4GIG DDR3200 RAM. Why am I ahve issues uploading I didn't have this problem while I was on dsl but I switched to the faster speed so I can share files faster

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