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No Green Light


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Hello! I'm new here, so I hope I posted it in the right place!

I've got a problem with the ports for Utorrent. I have NEVER seen "the green light" always yellow or red. I've already assigned a port for utorrent.port 64706 and added it to the exceptions of windows firewall. I have added this port into the router configuration (following the steps on portforward.com) my router is a

ZyXEL ZyAIR G-2000 and I also have an Nport Server Lite (Moxa) DE-304 RS232 device server (I think the problem is there somewhere, since I tried almost anything else). (My antivirus is called Avira Antivir Personla edition classic, but even when I shut it of -> "red light" although speed gets slightly better: more or less 10kbps more)

Although sometimes I'm getting pretty good speeds (+150kbps) the other 85% of the time it sticks around 40-50 kbps and never with a green light. (I don't think these speeds depend a lot on the seeders since I use always popular torrents with over 1000 seeders or more) It uploads more or less at the same speed than it downloads. (upload and download speed unlimited) If I limit the upload speed to let's say 25kbps than the download drops to about the same speed. I had exactly the same problem with BitTorrent although when I used it the very first time it went over 450kbps, so I know it is possible to get a better steady-speed. (150kbps would be great :D)

I also did put all the settings in Utorrent as portforward.com recommended (under 199 connections, disable pnp port mapping, nat pmp and so on...

Oh yeah, one more thing: I had some problems with losing the internet connection completely when BitTorrent was running (very strange). I've noticed that it happened more often when downloading more than one torrent (coincidence?). But I can live with only downloading one a the time if somebody helps me get the green light :D:P

I think this is gonna be a though one for you to solve but I'm thanking you anyway for your time,


Sorry for editing so much but information available since my "investigation" continues:

problem could be also partially with my internet-provider since it appears on the list :(

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Have you tried Ultima's Troubleshooting Guide?:


A firewall can be hidden in your modem, router, any networking devices between your computer and your modem, antivirus software, and even antispyware software. All of them must be properly configured or disabled or you will be firewalled in µTorrent. :(

...and some of them are so buggy (Zone Alarm for example) that they can only be removed/replaced. :(

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Problem solved!

I have now "the green light". The problem was (I think) that I had to set up a static ip into the router (which I did not like doing, this is a computer from work :D) Also knocked down the windows firewall (although not 100% necessary) and made a configuration inside my router obliging only this computer to go by the static ip only and not let the router decide to give the computer a new one everytime it reboots.

Speeds are slightly better: instead of 40-50kbps I'm now getting 70-80kbps (now and then it peaks also above 150kbps) so that's certainly an improvement, therefor worth my time "investigating". Although the last problem of my original post is persisting a bit...

"Quote: Oh yeah, one more thing: I had some problems with losing the internet connection completely when BitTorrent was running (very strange). I've noticed that it happened more often when downloading more than one torrent (coincidence?)."

Well it resulted that dht is killing it, I didn't find a 100% cure yet but setting up the scheduler and optimizing settings certainly helped (with dht activated). It even improved my speed to a steady 80-90kbps.

Thank you Switeck for answering my problem though. I think you're doing a great job!

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i have never got the green light either. i always get yellow or red.

i have let port 53668 through my modem/router.

no matter what torrent i try i always get the yellow or red icon. i have Windows Firewall off. only thing that may cause slow down is my AntiVirus (Avast 4.7 Home Edition), but it doesn't affect downloading from websites or online gaming, so i don't think it's affecting uTorrent either but i can't be certain.

what else can i do so i can get better speeds. torrents sometimes go to my speed, 50kb (my connection is 512/128).

the torrent i am trying to download at the moment has 54 seeds and 152 peers and yet it's not downloading at all. wtf is going on?

it has 1 peer connected as i write this.

oh and some torrents also still download at the proper speed for my connection, (50kb), but most of the time i am lucky to get 10kb!

please help.

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* read ultima's guide

* asign a static ip (how? www.portforward.com)

* make a configuration inside your router (not just in the firewall exceptions)


* calculate your optimal download and upload settings (this affects the speed A LOT!)

http://infinite-source.de/az/az-calc.html (this is an excellent tool)

* check if your internet provider is on "the black list" (ultima's guide)

(some providers block partly or entirely p2p/torrents)

(some change their bandwith at night)

* Ask the moderators for extra advice (I'm quite new here myself)

good luck :)

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Does your modem also contain a mini-router or firewall?

If so, it needs to be configured or disabled.

Antivirus/antispyware software often includes "internet protection" portions that are really software firewalls in disguise. These MUST be configured or disabled...or µTorrent will be crippled and firewalled. They are often self-configuring for your web browser or have something that normally allows online games to run fine so long as you don't try to host a game server.

Process Explorer or HijackThis! are good tools to insure that you're not the victim of some new virus or spyware that is thoroughly screwing up your computer.

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